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Franny Nicole is a licensed insurance broker and has worked for 10+ years in commercial sales industry. She is also a certified Reiki energy practitioner as well as a mediation guide and dream analyzer. Franny was bullied pretty badly growing up and is no stranger to dealing with internet bullies in this day and age.  From her youth into her adulthood her demons ran her life and only until recently has she been brave enough to stop running away and instead face these demons head on. 

Franny Nicole is in tune with people and the energy they spread and it is her goal to spread positivity.  Being a survivor of extreme bullying, she is constantly trying to better herself and always looking at scenarios to see her part in things. After taking personal development courses, Franny Nicole realized that she got so much joy from helping others sift through their experiences that she wanted to take on a bigger role in giving back to her community. This is where the inspiration for her podcast arose, so in turn she is now empowering the youth by having inspiring and influential people in Los Angeles share their stories of breakdowns and breakthroughs to help inspire any listener to never give up.

 To Franny Nicole this podcast is more than just a conversation, it is the hope that the inspirational words of others will push her listeners to move past their worries and always fight  to become the best version of themselves.